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Howdy, Welcome to Frankly Speaking

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Frank, a 20 year resident of Simi Valley. Also, since 1960 I have been actively involved in politics and policy.

I started my political activities by walking precincts for Richard Nixon in 1960. I co-created, with Bob Dornan, the POW/MIA bracelet and worked seven years, full time, on behalf of these men.

I led the battle to stop Wal Mart from going in where a regional mall was to go, won that battle and now Simi Valley has both a great Town Center and a Wal Mart.

I am a partisan Republican but my principles are both conservative and libertarian.

We need to cut the state budget and taxes, not increase them. Making prisoners comfortable, unlike Democrats, is not on my agenda. Law breakers need to be punished, not given benefits, Day Labor Centers or sympathy. It demeans honest people that come to our country.

Currently I am a political consultant, and if I report or note anything about an issue involving a client, I will give it full disclosure.

As we go along this journey, I will incorporate my daily life and activities into this blog. My observations will be based on my principles as well as the many people I meet during the week around the State. I do a fair number of radio talk show interviews, last week I was on radio in Santa Maria on the Andy Caldwell show and in Monterey on the Mark Carbonaro show. Each was a discussion of the State budget.

The purpose of this blog will be to discuss politics and policy that affects Ventura County. I have other blogs that discuss state and nation issues.

I believe that the new technology creates interaction. Newspapers and TV news shows are one way, a lecture--telling you what you what to know. Blogs and the Internet allow you to interact, to discussion, agree and disagree.

All I ask is that discussions be civil and respectful, no foul language or name calling.

Feel free to ask me any question about policy and politics, any predictions about elections or legislation.

We will be starting with a discussion later today about a candidate for office that does not believe following the law is needed. I will show a law this candidate has violated and maybe will get an honest government employee in trouble.

Then, tomorrow I will discuss how a court appointed czar is about to steal $7 billion from California taxpayers, violate numerous State and federal laws, all with your money.

This will be fun. Welcome aboard Frankly Speaking.

Steve Frank


Welcome Steve Frank! One of the good guys! Can't wait to see your topics. You are truly a breath of fresh air!

That is so cool that you were co-creator of the MIA/POW bracelets. I wore one in the late sixties and it's still around here somewhere! It was an awesome thing to do to keep the troops and their families alive in our hearts and prayers. Thanks to you & Bob Dornan!



As co-creator of the pow/mia do you feel about the betrayal of mia's by senators mcain-kerry as layed out in the book, "an enormous crime" ??

Welcome Steve!

The VC Star finally had the guts to balance their blogs ideologically.

About this blog...

Frankly Speaking is a blog dedicated to the new technology, interaction by concerned citizens about policy and politics in Ventura County or affecting our county.

Have tips, information or concerns, contact me directly at

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