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July 1, 2008

Hands-free cell phone law


Don't forget, the state's new hands-free mandate for using cell phones while driving takes effect today. $20 fine for the first violation, $50 for the next. Whoever manufactures "Bluetooth" headsets thanks you...


In NYC they just passed a law for taxi and livery drivers to not use cell phones or computers of any kind in the car. They even have devices that will cut the signal off while the car engine is on. I am sure insurance companies and down the road Government will mandate this technology.
Now on the topic of feeling safer, like stated before it is the Text and sending messages that is a major problem. It has been proven that using text messaging is like having close to 8 drinks while driving. Talking is like having 2 or 3 drinks.
So with this in mind people should use common sense. I have been to many fatal accidents where cell phones are the cause. My dad was in a accident where the girl blew the stop sign while talking on a phone. They went back over the records and found she was on the phone for 15 minutes.
Look at the train, bus ands truck accidents which caused fatal accidents,while the operator was talking or tex ting. Most of them were with hands free devices while talking. I have been to an accident where a person was putting info into his GPS. Yet GPS are exempt from these laws.
Bottom line use common sense or the insurance companies and the Government will do it for you.

Posted by: Raven71 at February 2, 2010 8:25 AM
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