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August 31, 2008

Any takers?


Limited supply. Be the first on your block to take in one of these babies. Operators are standing by.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:32 AM

August 29, 2008

Obama's historic moment

qqxsgMountaintop.jpgRegardless of how you feel about the candidate, this is a truly remarkable moment in American history.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 4:28 AM

August 26, 2008

Hillary diehards


As the Democratic National Convention gets started, some supporters of Hillary Clinton have indicated that, since their candidate was not picked for the ticket, they won't support Obama and in fact might even switch to McCain in protest.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:14 AM

August 24, 2008

Bush Light


Except for his opposition to torture, and some support for global warming and stem cell research action, supposed maverick John McCain doesn't seem to look quite as different from the current Oval Office occupant as he would like voters to believe.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 6:00 AM

August 19, 2008

California budget impasse


Both parties maintain their stances on the state budget impasse, believing they are holding principled positions, and of course nothing is moving forward. Unfortunately, "compromise" is not a big principle for either side.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 9:25 AM

August 17, 2008

Endangered Species Act

qqxsgEndangered Howls.jpg

The Bush Administration has a new push to weaken the Endangered Species Act, by letting federal agencies decide what environmental standards to enforce, or not, regarding endangered animals. Scientific data and input is unnecessary, according to Bush, because federal agencies have enough "experience" to know what they're doing.
Uh huh. And foxes are very experienced around henhouses.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 6:04 AM

August 12, 2008

Russia invades Georgia


Russia's Vladimir Putin continues to show he misses the days when Russia (well, the Soviet Union) was a real superpower -- feared and respected and unafraid to be brutally forceful -- as he sends overwhelming force into Georgia to crush its resistance to a separatist province that aligns with Russia. No telling yet if he'll stop there, grab another Russian-leaning province, or just crush and conquer the whole country like in the "good old days."

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:43 AM

August 10, 2008

Bottle Village

Bottle Village810.jpg

Bottle Village in Simi Valley is an obscure folk-art marvel, akin to the Watts Towers: the creative handmade output of a single obsessed individual over the course of decades.

It was heavily damaged in the Northridge Earthquake, but when funds were made available for its restoration, Rep. Elton Gallegly sneeringly derailed the measure, along with Simi Valley city officials who considered it junk, trash or an eyesore. My wife and I visited recently (following a piece in the Star a week earlier), and while it is in sad shape, there is also much to marvel at. We were allowed in one structure, and the collection of embedded bottles in the walls looked like stained glass walls in some rustic cathedral.

It takes a certain amount of vision to see the past -- and see the potential -- in ruins, but it is fixable with a lot of work. Simply restoring the one structure we went inside could be enough to show the value of restoring the rest of it. In the bland Simi suburbia, it could once again be an oasis of color, funkiness and uniqueness.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:55 AM

August 5, 2008

Sticking to it


For yet another year, the loggerheads between legislative Democrats and Republicans over how to deal with a fiscal shortfall has paralyzed the state, delayed a budget and -- this time, thanks to Gov. Schwarzenegger -- thrown the jobs of all state workers into chaos.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:04 AM

August 3, 2008


President Bush is projected to run up a national budget deficit of $482 billion, possibly a lot more. This is a fiscal conservative? In fact, the only president in the last 25 years to not only not run up a deficit, but to actually leave a surplus, was one of them thar "tax-and-spend" Democrats.

Posted by Steve Greenberg at 5:18 AM
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