References to Obama scrubbed from his Communist mentor's Wikipedia page

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President Obama mentioned Frank Marshall Davis twenty-two times in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father".  The Telegraph reported that he "was a key early influence" in the president's life. But if you go to Davis' biography on Wikipedia, at least today, you won't see the name "Obama" appear anywhere in the article. Strange, considering that would be the biggest legacy left behind by the obscure poet, who died in 1987.

That wasn't always the case. There used to be an entire section in the Wikipedia entry devoted to Obama's relationship to Davis. Now one month before the election, it's gone--along with some references to Davis' activism on the radical left.

President Obama himself seems to have realized that his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis was a political liability. The 2005 audiobook version of his 1995 autobiography omits each of the twenty-two references to Davis.  The cover up doesn't end there.

Despite being written by volunteers, Wikipedia articles are subject to comprehensive editing guidelines. Unfortunately, in this case, it seems the rules were twisted to omit the most important aspect of Davis's life--his relationship with Obama. If a contributor didn't like a fact, he just deleted it and said the source was unreliable.

For example, on August 1, 2012, a user with the handle Orangemike flagged a copy of Davis' FBI file as needing to be replaced by "reliable sources" because the file was hosted on a anti-Obama website. The document was removed. That same day, another contributor called TheRedPenofDoom deleted mentions to the FBI report as "unsourced commentary." Nice, delete the source and then delete the reference to the source as being unsourced. TheRedPenOfDoom also deleted a mention that Davis taught at a school "that was later claimed to be an adjunct of the Communist Party USA by Attorney General Tom C. Clark."

A few days later, a user named DD2K deleted a mention of Davis' actual Communist Party member id number, saying on the discussion board that he's "removing smears by political opponents that have nothing to do with this article." Another user wrote that it's "not terribly worthy of mention at all, really."

"That one of the President's mentors was a member of the CPUSA is hugely notable," one contributor replied, futilely. TheRedPenOfDoom dismissed the matter as a "fringe theory" and an attempt to denigrate Obama.

When Paul Kengor's book "The Communist," which is a biography of Davis that delves into his relationship with Obama, was added to the Wikipedia article, it drew criticism. TheRedPenOfDoom axed it, writing that "one would have to have more than some partisan [as] a source." Another contributor deleted a link to the Forbes book review of The Communist, saying that the claim that Davis mentored Obama would not appear "without some reliable sources." Dinesh D'Souza, the president of King's College and the force behind "2016", the second highest grossing political documentary of all time, didn't survive the axe either. "Removing Dinesh D'Souza's references," wrote Harizotoh9. "Low quality fringe source. Find a better one."

TheRedPenOfDoom deleted the entire "Davis and Barack Obama" section as "bloated coverage focused on Obama Conspiracy theorists and not about the subject of the article."

Remember, this is the Davis that was mentioned two dozen times in the president's own autobiography. Suddenly, not only is it not important enough to mention in a Wikipedia article, but quoting Obama's own words is now a "conspiracy theory."

One user raised an objection to the deletion, complaining, "I won't make a big issue of this, but being 'an influence' on a US President and mentioned in said president's autobiography book is a pretty big deal and deserves mention."

"Ridiculous, some bizarre claim is not worthy of inclusion here or any article," DD2K wrote.

The sudden deletion of every reference to Obama's relationship with Frank Marshall Davis--which existed by the president's own admission--weeks before the election smacks of ideological chicanery. Wikipedia's contributors are using the website's controls against bias in order to create political bias and hide the truth about their guy's controversial past.

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