The gift that keeps on giving

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This is pretty funny. David Atkins, the chairman of the Ventura County Democratic Party, just officially called for a Simi Valley councilman's resignation over "vile" online activity. Apparently, a Republican councilman and LAPD veteran clicked "Like" on a picture of scantily clad women with guns on his private Facebook page.

That and a couple of similar "likes" led Atkins to declare his "vile activity online serves as a clear sign that he lacks the judgment necessary to serve in elected office." He added the "conduct and the material he likes are certainly not representative of the values held by most people in Simi Valley."

I guess he's saying most men in Simi don't find female models attractive?  Set aside that this whole thing is a laughingly weak accusation. It's even more amusing considering the timing. Atkins thinks this is a huge scandal, on the eve of the Benghazi hearings, which he'll ignore. Priceless.

But for a really good laugh, consider what Atkins himself posts on his social networks. Remember, Atkins wants this councilman to resign because of a few things he clicked "Like" on.

In 2011, his own party had to distance itself from him when he posted on Twitter that people in Simi Valley should "just put your white hoods on already" in response to some opposition to redistricting. He wrote that, "It's so clear that most of these old white people from East Ventura are terribly afraid of brown people in Oxnard/LA."

Remember, Atkins was upset that the Facebook likes are "not representative of the values held by most people in Simi Valley."

But this is!

"...hardcore conservatives want nothing more than to use minorities for target practice."

And this!

"The only way forward is to defeat and expose them for what they are: racist, bloodthirsty lunatics..."

These are both from Atkins' Daily Kos blog.

He also has a bit of a potty mouth, which honestly I don't have a problem with. But it makes for delicious irony when that person accuses other people of being "vile" online.

And that's only from the last month. Van Jones lost his job when he called Republicans "assholes," by the way. Honestly, the language doesn't bother me, except I wonder how much hate is inside him for him not to be able to control himself even though he's in a high-profile position.

What's more offensive to me is the lefty ideology, which I just don't get. Things like this:

I think I see what he's saying about protecting the life of the mother, but it's such a callous way to discuss the innocent and helpless. 

The hate, the radical politics, and the inability to self-censor (or if he already IS self-censoring, then we got a bigger problem) made Atkins a curious choice for VC Democratic Party Chairman. But it's entertaining, like when a crazy person gets on TV. Especially when he accuses other people of being vile online. Maybe he's got more on the councilman and is waiting to release it. If not, and this is all he's got, then he's pretty foolish, given his history.

If the councilman had posted and tweeted the words Atkins has, Atkins would use that as justification to call for his head.

But remember--it's Republicans who are hypocrites!

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