The rest of you row faster! Labor participation rate drops to 35-year low

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What happens when the welfare state pays you not to work? People don't work! As simple as this might sound, it comes as a surprise to progressives.

Forget official unemployment numbers. What really counts is how many people are not in the labor force. And the rate of such people has dropped to levels not seen since the Carter Administration.  

Ninety-nine week unemployment benefits, disability, welfare, Obamacare, food stamps, even Social Security all encourage people not to work. So a lot don't, which means they must be supported by those who do.

Simple rule: you get more of what you subsidize and you get less of what you tax. If you give money to people not to work and tax people more to pay for them, guess what you'll get more of and what you'll get less of? (For one thing, you get twice as many able-bodied adults without dependents on food stamps.)

Furthermore, the burden falls largely on the private sector, who must also pay for an ever-growing public sector with their taxes.

A dysfunctional system encourages unproductive behavior and punishes productivity. Such as system--whether it be a company or a country--is unsustainable.
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