Where are good Samaritans?

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My dad is 84. He's very spry, but he's getting on in years.
A couple of weeks ago he was playing with his grandchildren at The Lakes mall on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. They were on the grassy area in front of Ben and Jerry's, and he was trying to catch a ball. He tripped and fell flat on his back and broke his wrist in two places.
This was at 4 p.m., and there were a lot of people in front of Ben and Jerry's and just wandering about. My niece and nephew are under 10 years old, and they ran to him, realizing he was hurt.
While this was going on, at least four adults walked by, paid no attention and didn't ask the children or my father if they needed any help.
When I heard this, I was appalled by the lack of concern these people showed for an old man lying flat on his back with a broken wrist. This is not something I would think could happen in our community. The people who just walked by should be ashamed.
-- Karen Morton, Newbury Park

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