Rock 'n' Roll Call: Nick Waterhouse - Time's All Gone

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Nick Waterhouse has a new one - it's "Time's All Gone" and it's on Thorstein Veblen's favorite

Time's All Gone

label, Innovative Leisure. It's vintage R&B from a 25-year-old dude wearing a suit - and not a bathing suit - all the way from Huntington Beach. These are time warp tunes smartly done that sound like they fell off the charts from 1961 - or back when AM radio was cool. Not only does Waterhouse have the vibe and the voice - he has the look and more importantly, that honking sax brings back memories of Lee Allen and the happening harmonies of the back-up singers combine to make all real. Once again, it's so old, it's new. Remember that Blasters' song, "I'm Shakin"'? Then imagine that as a career - works for me. Waterhouse will be in Santa Barbara on April 29.

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