Rock 'n' Roll Call: No Doubt - Push And Shove

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Push and Shove

They're back for the first time in a while, that would be No Doubt - their sixth and latest is "Push And Shove" and it's on Interscope Records. Wow - 25 years for this band who used to play with the Ska Daddyz and all those Nardcore bands - they're so rich now, they could afford to buy Oxnard and change the name to Locals Only. Since I am not and never have been a 12-year-old girl and thus, never a big fan of this band that used to be a ska band but rather, it's heavily produced bimbonic pop from behind the Orange Curtain capturing perfectly the motivation of those mall mice from sea to whining sea. The title tune is confused and overdone - and in the middle - the core of the album - are half a dozen songs with one word titles with "Gravity" emerging the bouncy best. The obvious focus is the autobiographical, "Looking Hot," during which Gwen Stefani encourages the double-o from her drooling public, asking repeatedly, "Do you think I'm looking hot?" I always sort of thought she looked like a fish. Well, she asked...

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