TimeOut: Boys Like Girls perform Nov. 2 in Ventura

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Born in 2005 -- or right in the middle of Gov. Mitt Romney's term -- in Massachusetts, the state where, pretty much, this country began, Boys Like Girls will play some hook-filled pop rock tonight at the venerable Majestic Ventura Theater along with some like-minded souls, The All-American Rejects out of Oklahoma.

Boys Like Girls -- and most of them do -- are out and about trying to hawk a few copies of their third and latest release, the EP "Crazy World," a fact that becomes obvious to anyone who watches the news. The Boys are already achievers of that most coveted metallurgical moment for label suits -- multiplatinum -- and their full-length "Crazy World" album (out in December) is produced by the irresistible force that is lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Martin Johnson, who has a pitch-perfect rock 'n' roll voice. The harmonies from lead guitar player Paul DiGiovanni and bass player Morgan Dorr make it all that much better even as drummer John Keefe keeps his yap shut and hits things.

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