Rock 'n' Roll Call: NERO - Welcome Reality

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Welcome Reality

It still looks like NERD but it's NERO in block letters - the album is "Welcome Reality" and it's on Interscope. This is a big time electronic act out of Scary Olde England - two dudes, Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray - occasional vocals from Alana Watson and a bazillion machines. Just as I can scarcely tell one car from another that is built after 1990 - it's the same with this stuff. My feet like it, so it's good enough for the rest of me. NERO - not the annoying emperor who was bumped off by his own slaves rather than be captured - but these guys remind me of hundreds of scantily clad young ladies gyrating in one of those giant tents at Coachella - always a good thing. In an unrelated and weird story - Interscope puts a glop of glue on all their CDs they send out, maybe to keep them from floating around in the oversized envelopes they use. Well, that glue really sucks - it won't come off and it's a hassle to stack CDs when you're done listening because of it. Solution: Forget the glue and/or use smaller mailers.

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