Boys like girls like Carly Rae

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Boys Like Girls have a new one - that would be "Crazy World." Ain't that truth? It's on Columbia Records. It's tone perfect, corporate power pop rock with stellar vocals and harmonies on forgettable songs as created by a bunch of pros, such as frontman and guitar player Martin Johnson. The title tune has "hit" written all over it and "Be Your Everything" should have all the mall mice salivating and the label accountants doing likewise.

The cutest girl in the world, Carly Rae Jepson, has a new one - "Kiss" and it's on Interscope. It's more corporate, disco princess techno pop, pressing all the right buttons of those subsisting swimmingly on daddy's day job. This Canadian heart throb - sort of the female Justin Bieber - is well known to the tweeners, as she should be. She looks 15 even though she just turned 27. Genetics when they're right, are a good thing. "Call Me Maybe" is the first of many hits and at last report, had 300 million hits on YouTube.

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