Heating up on a "dead mouse" sequence

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Chicago-based Singer/songwriter Anne Heaton's fourth and latest is called "Honeycomb" and it's on her own Still Records. Either bubbly or sad - those are the choices here - in any case, Heaton has a swell voice and coffeehouse ladies all in black with be rapt in jaw dropping reverence and "Watch You Win" is not a lottery dream but a lady digging on her dude. Heaton would certainly be worth checking out live as she and her night job seem to be joined for the long haul.

The new one from The Helio Sequence is "Negotiations" and it's on Sub Pop Records. It's their fifth album and this Oregon duo is traveling light - Brandon Summers on voice and guitars and Benjamin Weikel on drums and keyboards. It's sweet, ethereal, and dreamy - it could be techno BritPop from the '80s, but it's not. Summers will put your mind in a daze on several of these pop rock lite slo mo trippers, particularly on the timely and appropriate, "December," unless of course, the Mayans were right and are going to ruin my Christmas vacation, in which case, I'm writing this for no one. Too many of the others are merely competent, if uninspired and Jaguar Paw and his Mayan village of hunters should've moved to a better neighborhood sooner.

Famous Canadian Capricorn Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is the brain behind Deadmau5, who evidently, does not hate meeces to pieces. He has a new one - "Album Title Goes Here" on Ultra Records. Deadmau5 is pronounced "dead mouse," which reminds me of a story. Way back when Richard Nixon was obviously a crook and about to be forced to resign or be impeached, "60 Minutes" leftie commentator Nicholas von Hoffman stated the obvious when he observed one Sunday night that "Nixon was a dead mouse on the kitchen floor." He got fired, Tricky Dick did resign, nobody cares about Mickey Mouse anymore and Deadmau5 is famous. In any case, Deadmau5 is a rockin' technocrat - heavy on the electronics and big beats - much of this is reminiscent of the "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack on steroids fiftysomething years later while on other tunes, he get rock stars such as Gerard Way to provide the voice on the straight forward techno-pop rocker "Professional Griefers" or Chris James on "The Veldt." This mighty maus is a three time Juno winner, engaged to Kat Von D and has a cute little cat face under the surreal mouse ears on the cover. Meow, man...

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