Over a cardboard sea, Whales lie beneath

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The self-titled new one by Poor Moon is on Sub Pop out of Seattle. So even if it's a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea, this Poor Moon still doesn't get many points. It's coma folk that runs the emotional gamut from A to B with mundane vocals bereft of any hooks whatsoever. Not only is "Holiday," one of the worst song of all time, this one may have a future on the frozen food aisle at Von's as annoying muzak.

This knucklehead in one of my classes was engaging in mindless high school chatter for too long, then briefly looked at the TV and solemnly announced, "This movie is lame." The film was "Amistad," thus, he was lame. Driving around, I did not get behind this one - but once I sat down and concentrated, my earlier opinion was quickly proven to be in error. 

The Freelance Whales are back with their second one, "Diluvia," and it's on Mom + Pop Records. I already had a warm and fuzzy feeling for this band after seeing them at Coachella. If you like intricate, baroque pop with layers of heavenly harmonies, then here's your new favorite band. There's five of them but Judah Dadone is the big whale and three of them play the glockenspiel, so there's that. Honing their skills while playing on subway platforms in New York, you can hear what they've learned on the windy album opener, "Aeolus." The fourth one, "Spitting Image" is almost too weird - the others are delightful.

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