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They have one of the great rock 'n' roll band names, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and they have a new one - "Aufhaben" on A. Records. Anton Newcombe is one of the rock 'n' roll originals - check out one of the great music movies ever, "Dig." 

It becomes readily apparent that he is overly enamored with flute players which reminds me of yoga. Now yoga is all about stretching and stretching is a good thing but the music - often pastoral flute music transmitted homicidal tendencies to me which sort of undermined the entire scenario. 

The last good flute player was Ray Thomas with the Moody Blues; but as to the BJM, too many flutes and too much mindless noodling sink this one. "Stairway To The Best Party In The Universe" sounds like it's about to kick into "Mother's Little Helper," but never does. 

The best one is the last one - a lengthy stoner classic that Echo & the Bunnymen would be proud of, "Blue Order/New Monday." One great song out of 11 won't work, but watch "Dig," anyway.

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