Foal some Bad Religion

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Pony Death Ride
The goofball husband and wife duo that is Pony Death Ride has a new one, "Not A Foal...Not Yet A Horse." Jaye and Joe MacAskill are both multi-instrumentalists and somehow keep a straight face on tunes such as "I Think My Boyfriend's Gay For Morrissey," and that stalker serenade, "Watch You Sleep."  Just as "'Killer Klowns From Outer Space" uses every clown joke in the world, the album-ending "Enough Already With The Beatles," is a snarky and snappy punkish "shut up" to the Fab Four, who haven't put out a new one in like, 40+ years. Every song is Dr. Demento ready as here is a duo that clearly enjoys their night job.

Bad Religion
The latest and zillionth from Bad Religion is "True North" and it could've been Abe's favorite band and it is on Epitaph. It's warp speed guitars with the drummer working overtime and blue state lyrics about the one percent jacking everyone forever for everything - evidently sort of an American Taliban hiding behind god, guns and patriotism, hoping to bring back the good ol' days of feudalism or at least, indentured servitude and debtor's prison. "Robin Hood In Reverse" and "Land Of Endless Greed" probably have no future at any future Tea Party fundraisers or Koch Brothers money counting parties or others that slept through history class.

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