Nothing less than the dB's

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The db's are back - didja miss 'em? Their first new one in a long time is "Falling Off The Sky," and still on Bar None Records. It's the same four guys that recorded the band's debut back in 1978 - yeah, 1978 when Jimmy Carter was president. They still have swell vocals going on. There's five or six meandering and mellow pop songs including the lead-off cut, "That Time Is Gone" that get better with repeated listenings. And "World To Cry" as in "you think you're the one that taught the world to cry"  makes it clear that the subject of the song flunked history. Although solid throughout, the reality did not meet the expectations as one would've hoped that the db's could've come up with some better songs during their long hiatus.

The new Less Than Jake is "Greeting And Salutations From Less Than Jake" on Fat Wreck Chords. It's more sprightly ska punk and feet from far and near always know how to deal with this stuff - finally some good stuff out of Florida, run by the most unpopular governor of them all, Rick Scott. Why have they been able to survive 20 years? Because they have a most capable frontman in Chris DeMakes, the horn section is definitely happening and the goofy lyrics on the fun songs are, well, fun. And how can you not get behind a band named after a dog named Jake? Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish would make a great double bill and a double digit weight loss program for those jumping around in the pit during just one sweaty evening.

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