Take a ride, preferably with Rey to avoid NON

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The latest from the prolific NON is Back To Mono and it's on mighty, mighty Mute Records. NON is the alias of one Boyd Rice who spent too much time with his Erector Set when he was a kid as this is not even music - it's mechanical sounds, like factory sounds - hums, whirrs and screeches. I doubt if even R2D2, a teenage Transformer or the most bubbly of the Borg would mosh to this mess. If this stuff appeals to you - get a job in the ball bearing factory - you will have discovered heaven on earth and earn a paycheck as well. NON as in non-musical is not even close.

Slinky and sexy chanteuse Lana del Rey has a new EP, "Paradise" out for a few months on Interscope Records. She's the taller, modern version of Veronica Lake (look her up) who can really sing. This one kicks it off with her smash hit "Ride" and also her steamy cover of "Blue Velvet" which I never liked when it was new - and the icky film even less so - but Del Rey's version is superior to Bobby Vinton's original from back when AM radio was cool and sundowns were in black and white. Lana would photograph in color in a '40s black and white film noir.

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