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The second album from the Bay Area's Tamaryn is "Tender New Signs" and it's on Mexican Summer and it's vinyl. It's strum and groan shoegazer pop that is probably better live than it is here, which sort of sounds like amateur hour psychedelia - Mopey Grape maybe. These mumbling melodies are as interchangeable as they are long but don't really go anywhere, except to bring to mind visions of nodding longhairs wishing things could be this groovy forever. Wanna hear some great stoner pop? Go back to the Paisley Underground daze and check out "The Days Of Wine And Roses" by the Dream Syndicate.

Got one from Spoon Records, a subsidiary of mighty, mighty Mute Records and it's "The Lost Tapes" by Can. Evidently, these guys were early proponents of krautrock, flipping some switches way back in 1968 in Cologne, Germany. This is a five-song EP of very trippy stuff that your feet will appreciate and otherwise attach itself to your being at the visceral level. It's experimental and minimalist but there's also melodies and hooks and some cool hooks. No one is going to write a term paper on the lyrics if you can understand them in the first place; then again "Abra Cada Braxas" might be one of the worst songs of all time and you probably won't want to hear "Mushroom" again either, so whatever it is they're doing, sometimes, they Can but sometimes, they Can't.

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