Triple Hex leads into Fiasco

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Triple Hex has a new self-titled six-song EP and it's on Mon Amie Records. Frontman Dave Hex seems to be channeling the Cramps and Iggy Pop with his deep voice and those big, scary bluesy beats on politically incorrect but often hilarious songs about inappropriate activity, such as finding panties in the laudromat. "Love Song" is a fitting companion to Fear's and the Rugburns' take on Christmas and Harry Nilsson's song about his broken heart, making this the stuff your parents would disapprove of, which is why you'll love it. Imagine a zombie fronting the Stray Cats.

The latest from Lupe Fiasco is "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album" and it's on Atlantic. Now rap is the voice of the 'hood and the oppressed and all that - I get it - but it's just that too often - a voice - usually a spoken voice, not a singing voice, so rap is too often a guy lecturing the listener to a generic, techno background. While not impressed with any of that, I do like Fiasco's message, "ain't no manhood in the bang-bang," his on target take on the gun violence in the inner city as young folks shoot their "enemies" at an alarming rate. Then there's "Bitch Bad," a clever explanation of how we get messed up with words as in "...bitch bad, woman good, lady better..." One thing is certain - once all the old, stupid white people croak, society will improve and as everyone keeps having sex with everybody else, we're all gonna look the same, anyway.

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