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Corb Lund has "Cabin Fever." If you do, too - then you have his latest album on New West Records. Lund is a Canadian cowboy who fronted a band called the Smalls but has been leading his own alt country band for more than a decade. Twangy, tight and pretty much terrific, Lund makes it clear that he knows how to write a gritty country rock song. Probably not a good first date selection, but "Dig Gravedigger Dig" shows more than passing expertise on a subject no one wants to talk about. "Bible On The Dash" probably won't be a hit in the Bible Belt although it should be as those people owe the rest of America plenty for our infinite patience and gentle attempts to expand their horizons beyond their view of the 1950s which never existed anyway. The song about the German motorcycle is the rocker here and Lund is sort of a more serious (but too much) Todd Snider from north of the border. And you won't care if "The Gothest Girl I Can" ever gets a tan. Lund's fever is definitely worth catching. 

"Almeria" is the new one from Lifehouse and it's on Geffen Records. That's half a dozen albums in a bit over a decade - that's very prolific. Their very capable frontman Jason Wade also writes the songs, so these guys aren't going anywhere and why should they? They're adept at creating straight ahead guitar-drums-bass, by the numbers rock 'n' roll. No frills, no chills, moderate thrills - I think this used to be arena rock. "Right Back Home" is the rocker here - instantly agreeable because of that boogie beat that never gets old, not to mention vocals from Peter Frampton and Charles Jones.

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