Churchwood rocks the blues, 2

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Churchwood's second album title is `'2'' a model of simplicity all the way from Texas on Saustex Records. The label website has some funny lines that may be worth stealing later such as these guys ``are saving the blues from the blahs,'' all the way from Austin, ``a city rightly accused to being `The Boring White Blues Capitol of the World.''' Wow, that's funny and this definitely ain't your boring blues society blues - it's grungy, growly and gruff, out of focus, rough around the edges - maybe this used to be blues - drunkard's blues, maybe. These guys would've made a great triple bill with Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs and the Gun Club - both unfortunately making bad career moves by dying. And Churchwood has enough guitar action to cause Robert Cray to spontaneously combust should he approach within a 13-block radius. 21st century blues, so they say - they rock, I say...

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