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Laibach, definitely not to be confused with laid back, is anything but that - rather an edgy Slovenian industrial/techno rock band that will take you outside your comfort zone. They've been at this since 1980 and have more than 25 albums - this latest one is "An Introduction to Laibach" and it's on Mute Records

Even their name is controversial. Laibach was the Nazi name given to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, during WWII and there's also the group's uniforms and totalitarian imagery - are they kidding? Probably, but then again...The band's interpretation of "Ballad of a Thin Man" is positively creepy and also, pretty cool. "Across the Universe" sounds like an ethereal church choir while another Lennon-McCartney biggie, "Get Back," sounds like it's being shrilly recited by SS iguana lizards goose stepping around the trailer park. Once again, laid back not.

Reggae legend Barrington Levy has enough songs for an anthology (or two) - this one is "Sweet Reggae Music," and it's on VP Records, 40 songs on a pair of CDs covering his prolific career from 1979 thru 1984. It's easy to dismiss this as the basic reggae stuff - one song, one beat, one week - well, yeah - except that it's 40 songs. Jamaican dudes do tend to find that groove, get way comfortable and stay awhile, focusing on women and the pernicious weed. Pleasant enough.

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