Red or blue pill? Take the first

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The ten zillionth album from Neil Young and Crazy Horse is "Psychedelic Pill" and it's on Reprise. This is  jam band garage music that quickly becomes irritating as this one goes nowhere fast. 

Young's quivering voice is more annoying than usual and the band allows everyone a chance to solo plenty, all to little avail on this hippie happy happening that is overkill, overdone and over-hyped. 

Want psychedelic? Then check out "Are You Experienced" by Jimi or "Stonedhenge" by Ten Years After. Supply your own pill. I think I'll cut my hair.

"Deal With It," in addition to being sound advice, is the new one from 4 Jacks and it's on Eller Soul Records. These guys play rockin' but generic blues. If you happened to wander into a bar and these 4 Jacks were playing, you'd probably buy a beer and stay for a few tunes or a whole set maybe. If I were still grading essay exams at the junior college, this one would be "competent if uninspired," and not likely to make any blues fans, yet they're OK.

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