Movies with Indians and VCMG

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"Somewhere Else" is the latest from Indians, just out on 4AD. It's a very small tribe, and this Scandanavian version of the last of the Mohicans is one dude, Soren Lokke Juul, a Dane, making his ethereal debut. This could've been pretty boy Brit TechnoPop from MTV in the '80s (when they actually had music) but the geography is all wrong but the vocals are all just right as on "Melt," which is good enough to have been a great Elton John song. Others are even better - perfect examples of beautiful music, exquisitely realized such as "Reality Sublime" and "Melt" both baroque and bitchen, symphonic and surreal, and of course, he has a perfect voice with a better English accent than we have. This one is going to be near the top of somebody's list sometime - the album jacket says "2012" but the label website says this one is coming out on 28 January 13. In any case, this is perfect for 2 a.m. hoping-to-get-lucky soundtrack, this Juul is truly a Great Dane.

VCMG has a new one on Mute Records whose title reminds me of my old lustful girlfriend, 'SSSS.' All those band name letters are initials that stand for Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, both of Depeche Mode fame. This is more mechanical than musical but not bad driving music in a non-think way. It's all instrumental and pretty much, all the same. If a Transformer went to the giant Transformer garage for his 50 month lube job, this is what would be playing in the waiting room.

"Petra Goes To The Movies" is the title of the new one from Petra Haden, on Anti/Epitaph, who sings tunes from an eclectic mix of classic and not so classic flicks such as "Rebel Without A Cause," "Taxi Driver" and "The Social Network." There's very few actual lyrics on this one except for "Goldfinger," just Petra's perfect voice blowing your minds in all sorts of ways as a one girl orchestra in a this original, brilliantly executed tour de force - up there with the cats meowing and the dogs barking Christmas carols, just different. It's worth it alone just for the album art with Petra dressed up as a character from the song in question from the appropriate flick - she is Clint as the Man With No Name or James Dean or as Janet Leigh about to meet Norman Bates in the shower and so on. I want to see "Cool Hand Luke" again after Petra reinvents the theme song. Trust me on this one.

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