A Two Wheel Solution

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Have you noticed more motorcycles and mopeds on the road? All of a sudden many are cleaning off the cobwebs and putting their cycles to good use. If you got it use it! With gas prices pushing an all time record $5 mark, I think change is inevitable for many of our transportation routines.

As mentioned a few postings back, I have been on the hunt for my fourteenth motorcycle. I ended up finding a beautiful Yamaha R1 formerly owned by none other than Nicholas Cage (I even have his old registration card). This is the longest I have been without two wheels in 10 years. What better time to get into my oldest hobby (next to cars) than now!


One may think such a high-performance moto as a crotch rocket can't get good gas mileage, wrong. Most motorcycles these days rather a twin or an inline 4, get anywhere from 40-55mpg. That's a substantial jump from your gas guzzling SUV's and performance coupes.

"But bikes aren't safe" I often here from mouthes of those who don't ride. I state "it's not the bike that's dangerous, it's those of you on the road around us". It's true, the leading cause for motorcycle accidents is the unprotected left hand turn automobile drivers make in front of a bike. Some say that cyclists speed or make aggressive maneuvers, true. Some do it because they don't have the proper respect for the bike. Other riders may actually be doing it to avoid a hazardous driver or situation. An advantage we have is power and maneuverability, it makes up for the lack of protection from a tub & chassis.

So, you ready to ride? Let me strongly suggest a safe place to start. Even though I first started riding street at age 14, I still took this course at 18 as requested by the cycle shop I worked for at the time. It is the motorcycle Safety Program or MSF for short. Years past this was optional but is now required for all riders under the age of 21. They teach many riding traits that took me years to figure out on my own. This program also qualifies you for a discount with your insurance company as well.

The training is available right here in Camarillo. To find out additional information,
visit: www.motorideredu.com

Happy Riding,


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Yep, I've seen a lot of bikes with new paper plates. I had considered a bike awhile ago and now I have more motivation to get one...

Just to add...
I checked on the MSF course and it's $250 and saves approximately 5% on your insurance. What I didn't find fair is they charge new riders (under 21) $150. Logic suggests that the more mature rider probably has experience and requires less class time - so why the higher fee? Even if the older riders are supplementing the younger riders the fee does seem a little steep IMO.

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