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Where to start?  

A little while ago I was put in the enviable position of working with the executive team at the VC Star to develop and implement an online social media strategy for the Ventura County Star.     I love thinking through online marketing strategies and couldn't imagine a more timely and interesting project.  

The social media strategy

socially wired.pngFrom my perspective, the real focus of a social media strategy for the VC Star needs to use online tools to build and strengthen community relationships.  With that in mind, the three part strategy I've designed includes:
  • Build out Community Hubs. On "niche" topics like local politics, local sports, local business, etc, I want to make sure that the VC Star has a thriving online community of people who love engaging with these issues.  It's well worth noting that the VC Star has already started down this path with sites like 805mom, Eldercare, and VC Pets, as well as more than a few sports and political bloggers, but I'm hoping we can push this to the next level by building out additional tools that will allow for community experts to engage in a meaningful way on the VC Star website.   
  • Engage on Social Networks. With a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel, the VC Star team has already started reaching out to some of the most active communities on the internet.   Going forward, I not only want to continue these efforts, but I want to get even more relevant to the VC Star community by focusing on niches like our new VCS Preps and TimeOut VCS Facebook Pages. 
  • Educate through Meetups. One of my favorite parts of social media is how it can create blogs that extend from the online world into real world situations.  For most businesses, getting people to connect with your business online is the first step to turning them into customers, advocates and potentially, even friends.   I'm hoping to host or facilitate regular meetups at coffeeshops, restaurants, bars (and maybe even kitchens!) to help people in Ventura County connect. .  
While I talk about building out "hubs", I'm definitely hoping this blog, socially wired, can become a social media hub where I will host a conversation around what the VC Star is doing as a way to help you understand how you can better market your business online.

Over the days, weeks and months to come, I'm going to go into a lot more detail on how we're using (and you can use!)  tools like Twitter and Facebook to market your business... So please consider subscribing to this blog and/or becoming a fan of my Facebook Page where I've built up a strong community of people who love to share ideas around using social media tools to build businesses. 

And if you have thoughts on this strategy (am I way off base???), want to share ideas for where we should focus, or want to take part in helping me manage a "niche" that you find particularly interesting, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Socially Wired
I'm working with the VC Star to develop and implement a social media strategy and really excited to use Socially Wired to not only document our progress, but also to host a conversation on how local companies can use social media tools to improve their business.

Feel free to follow me on twitter ( @tyr) become a fan of my Facebook Page, or email me ( with ideas, tips, advice or just to say "hi!"