Starks on the Stand Being Grilled by Fox

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Brian Starks is on the stand and is being grilled by prosecutor Maeve Fox who is questioning about the names, descriptions and addresses of the drug dealers that Starks has done business with in the past.

Fox told Starks that Erik Ek, an employee from her office, was in the courtroom taking notes so they can check out Starks' story.

Starks, who occasionally bickered Fox and sometimes grinned, appeared calm. He said he didn't know a lot of the dealers last names because drug dealers don't check each others IDs.

The questions from Fox began shortly after 11 a.m. and resume at 1:30 p.m.

Fox told jurors that Starks, Terrance Deshun Morrow and Corey Larmar Johnson tried to rob Wade, Kenneth Pecaro and Darrell Babagay who traveled to Oxnard to buy 6.6 pounds of cocaine for $55,500. She said Starks is a small-time drug dealer who didn't have that amount of cocaine.

Earlier, Starks answered questions from his lawyer Gay Zide.

He testified that the victim Michael Wade who had a razor knife threatened to kill him while they were about to do a drug deal.  He said Kenneth Pecaro, who he knew in prison and put together the drug deal for Wade and his friend Darrell Babagay, ran into the house in Oxnard where the deal was going to be done.

Pecaro maintains that Morrow put a gun to his head has he walked into the house. Pecaro grabbed the weapon and a struggle ensued.

Starks said Wade and him ran toward the fence of the residence in the 1400 block of South. E Street in Oxnard. Starks said he fell and Wade reached for something in his pocket and threatened Starks.

'I'll kill you. I'll kill you. He started going crazy. He was waving the razor," Starks testified.

Then Starks said Wade began spinning and "doing the tornado." Starks said Wade was seven to ten inches near Starks' feet, he testified.

Starks said he took out his gun and fired. Wade was shot twice in the back, according to court testimony.

"I shot in front of me. I was just thinking don't shoot your feet off," Starks testified.

Fox went through text messages from several women who Starks had knew. She read a few excerpts from some of the text messages Starks received that included curse words and one telling him that she loved him but was "done" with him.

"Do you consider yourself a player?" Fox asked.

"No, not at all," he replied.

"Women love you because you're very charming, and you have a lot of success with woman, correct?"

"Objection," Gay said.

"Sustained," Judge Charles Campbell responded.


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