Father and Son Bank Robbers Get Sent to Federal Prison

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ATLANTA--A father and son were sentenced to prison this week for armed attempted bank robbery, armed commercial robbery and using and carrying firearms during the commission of violence, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Clifford Durham Jr., 39, was sentenced to 50 years and eight months in prison and his son Clifford DeAngelo  Jackson, 23, got 16 years behind bar, according to the federal prosecutors.

The father and son with the help of three co-defendants did two robberies

Durham and Jackson were charged in separate indictments with robbing a small family-owned restaurant in downtown Stone Mountain in November 2010 and attempting rob a Wells Fargo Bank in DeKalb County in April 2011, federal officials state.

Federal officials state that Durham and Jackson planned and executed each robbery and conspired with a different group of individuals on each occasion.

In the November 2010 robbery, Jackson got help from a co-conspirator who worked at the business that was robbed. Jackson recruited his father and during the robbery, Durham shot the restaurant owner's son who narrowly avoid more serious injuries by running underneath a food preparation table and out of the restaurant's front door, according to federal authorities.

The father and son were arrested after they and two co-conspirators attempted to commit a second robbery in April 2011 of the Wells Fargo bank.

During that robbery, the four robbers went into the bank brandishing guns and ordered all of the customers to the ground.

Bank employees refused to allow the robbers access to the glass-enclosed teller line, so they left the bank without money and fled.

A short distance from the bank, an officer spotted the defendants at a busy intersection during rush-hour traffic.  When the officer tried to arrest the robbers, one of them fired a shot from inside the vehicle through the car window, endangering the lives of the officer and pedestrians, federal officials stated.

They eluded law enforcement that day but arrested shortly thereafter.


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