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PHILADELPHIA - A 47-year-old man who was using his position to steal a flat screen television for himself, his family and friends along with things was sentenced Tuesday to nearly three years in federal prison, according to federal officials.

William Rullo' fraud scheme cost the city's First Judicial Court of Pennsylvania about $433,000, the U.S. Attorney's Office stated.

Rullo was a procurement technician between 1999 and 2010. His duties included: placing orders with vendors, purchasing courtroom electronic and other merchandise, federal officials stated.

Rullo used his court credit card to make the purchases. He also forged the signatures of judges and the director of Administrative Services on invoices, according to federal authorities.

Rullo bought about $35,000 in monthly parking passes that he then resold the passes to friends and co-workers for about $100 per monthly pass, say officials.

 NEW YORK - The head of a self- described "security research" hacking group; was convicted Tuesday for breaching  AT&T servers, stealing email addresses and other personal information belonging to about 120,000 Apple iPad users and disclosing the information to Gawker, an internet magazine, according to federal officials.

Andrew Auernheimer, 27, is facing up to five years for each felony conviction.

A co-defendant  Daniel Spitner, 27, of San Francisco, pleaded guilty to the same charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Goatse Security is a so-called "security research" group, composed of Internet hackers to which both Spitler and Auernheimer belonged.


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