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One thing on their minds?

Here's a quiz. Pick the one item from the following list that doesn't seem to belong:
A. Beastiality.
B. Bisexuality.
C. Cunnilingus.
D. Domestic partnerships.
E. Fallatio.
F. Homosexuality.
G. Lesbianism.
H. Masochism.
I. Masterbation.
J. Necrophelia.
K. Orgies.
L. Pederasty.
M. Pedophilia.
N. Sadism.
O. Sodomy.

I suspect you answered D., domestic partnerships, the one thing on the list that has nothing to do with sex. Domestic partnerships, under California law, are contracts between same-sex couples or between older, unmarried opposite-sex couples that bind the partners to a legally committed relationship. They are about love, commitment and legal rights.

So what are they doing on a list with necrophelia, beastiality and orgies? Well, the list is from a bill, AB 349 by Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, R-Monrovia, scheduled to be heard next week by the Assembly Education Committee. Under its provisions, schools would have to provide advance notice to parents of high schools students before they could discuss any of these subjects with students, either in individual counseling or as a group in class.

It's an instructive list, because it suggest one reason why opponents of domestic partnerships are so steadfast in their opposition: They just can't get beyond sex.


Can't get past the sex? Oh really? How does one separate sex from gay issues? There would be no gay issue if not for their narcissistic sexual preoccupation. There is no issue beyond sex with gays. And please don't suggest it is about "love and commitment". They can achieve that without attempting to change the laws of the land. They will never get support from me as long as they attempt to normalize their behavior and push their damnable sexual agenda in the schools. Where once I had some sympathy, now, as far as I'm concerned, they can all crawl back under the rock that has sheltered them for centuries. Their behavior as a culture has not earned them a place in the sun.

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