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Not following Rudy

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Simi Valley conservative activist and newsletter publisher Steve Frank labored nearly a year on the payroll of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, in charge of building coalitions within the state to bolser the former New York mayor's campaign.

He did not, however, follow Giuliani's lead and endorse Sen. John McCain.

On Friday, Frank threw his support behind former Gov. Mitt Romney, writing a "dear friends" e-mail that said in part: "My candidate needs to be a consistent conservative, one that I trust will promote conservative and Republican principles."


Why am I not surprised?

Honestly, one of the reasons that I did not get involved in Giuliani's campaign was because he selected people like Steve Frank as his face for Ventura County. While I have continued to state that I support both McCain and Giuliani, I will not work with the likes of Steve Frank, and it did give me pause about Giuliani. There were many other influential conservatives in Ventura County that he could have tapped for the job of helping him through the conservative Republican gauntlet called "Super Tuesday."

I presume that Steve Frank got the paying job with the Giuliani campaign because of his relationship with Bill Simon. Frank was a state political director for Simon's failed run for governor. Probably one reason Simon lost was that Steve Frank ran around in a chicken suit for days at a Republican convention in Anaheim.

Interesting that Frank and Simon have parted ways with Bill Simon endorsing McCain.

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