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Arnold's tire gauges

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today, echoing a component of Sen. Barack Obama's energy-saving policies, recommended that motorists regularly check their tire pressure as an important step in conserving gasoline.

Speaking via satellite to an Alliance of Autobile Manufactures' "Eco-Driving" event in Denver, Schwarzenegger said consumers "don't have to wait for for the politicians or worry about living in a red state or blue state. Instead they can live and drive in their own green state."

He said motorists can get 15 percent better gas mileage by following simple recommendations listed on the Eco-Driving website.

"I am talking simple things like proper tire pressure, avoiding rapid starts and stops and keeping your engine tuned up," he said. "This is no substitute for a consistent, long-term national energy policy but it provides immediate, tangible relief from high gas prices."

Without naming names, Schwarzenegger said that any politician who suggests that bio-fuels, offshore oil drilling or nuclear power "will bring down gas prices anytime soon is blowing smoke."


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  • jordan replica shoes kids: "It's [url=http://helsinge-genbrug.dk/images/IJYQX/index.html]jordan replica shoes kids[/url] an ideal way to show read more
  • モンブラン: ちなみにペン先の太さは、細い順番から EF → F → M → B → BB read more