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Divided county politicians

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Just a week after 19th Senate District Republican candidate Tony Strickland lined up the endorsements of all countywide elected officials, Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson came back today with a coup of her own: The endorsement of Supervisor Linda Parks of Thousand Oaks.

In Strickland's case, the endorsements were something of a case of dog-bites-man. All of the county elected officials, led by District Attorney Greg Totten and Sheriff Bob Brooks, are fellow Republicans.

With Parks, it's more of a man-bites-dog story. She is also a Republican, but she's decided to support Jackson, the Democrat, saying she would do a better job of looking out for the environmental issues Parks has long been identified with.

Her endorsement means that Jackson, a Santa Barbaran, now has the support of four of the five supervisors in Strickland's home county. Parks joins Steve Bennett, Kathy Long and John Flynn -- all Democrats -- in backing Jackson.

Jackson's press release on the endorsement says that Parks will be active in the "Moderate Republicans for Jackson" group. It has now become big enough, and includes enough impressive titles, to become a worry for the Strickland campaign.


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