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Strickland prankster strikes again?

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For the past few years, Tony and Audra Strickland have been the targets of an anonymous Internet prankster who launched critical websites. They were the work of some conservative rival -- to the degree that the first, called TonytheStrickland.com , accused Tony Strickland of being a closet liberal.

A new prank -- potentially the work of the same prankster, since some of the themes are similar -- was launched over the weekend when someone hacked a site called Democrats4Strickland.com so that it redirected visitors to a faux website called DemocratsforStrickland.com. The site applauds Strickland for, among other things, voting for a bill to provide driver's licenses to undocumented residents.

Strickland consultant Joe Justin said it appeared to be the work of someone "with too much time on their hands."

Parke Skelton , consultant to Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson, told me that not only did the Jackson campaign not have anything to do with the prank, but that it appears obvious to him that it is the work of a Republican "trying to imagine what a Democrat might say."

Interesting to note that Strickland has taken no chances with his anonymous foil trying to resurrect the old "TonytheStrickland" site. When I tried that web address today I was redirected to the Strickland for Senate website.

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