Carbajal isn't running in 35th

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Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal announced today that he has decided not to seek the Democratic nomination for the open seat in the 35th Assembly District next year.

In a statement released to media outlets in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, Carbajal wrote: "At this point in time in my life the best place for me to continue my service is in my work in county government. I have an eight-year-old son and I feel it is important for me to be part of his everyday life. I also continue to find my work representing the residents of the First District to be extremely gratifying and enjoyable."

The supervisor closed his statement by saying he has told Santa Barbara City Councilman Das Williams he will "enthusiastically support" him if he decides to run. Williams, however, has publicly endorsed the only announced candidate, Susan Jordan, the wife of incumbent Pedro Nava, who will be forced out office by term limits.

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Theres 5 min news story about Obamas speech metaphors. Just keep showing footage then items hes referring to. What a waste of air time!

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