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My own marijuana poll

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Yesterday I spoke about the fall California elections to two combined classes at Moorpark College, a group of about 100 students in all. When the subject of Proposition 19 came up, I mentioned that the annual national survey on useage of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs last week reported that 20 percent of college students are current users of marijuana -- that is, have used it at least once in the past month.

I asked the students whether, based on their own observations, they thought that figure was too high. No response. I asked whether they thought it seemed about right. No response. I asked whether it seemed too low. 100 hands immediately went up (miraculously, after having sat through an hour of me yapping, all were paying attention to the question).

I did not ask how many were registered to vote. But it strikes me that if exposure to marijuana use and marijuana users is that universal among suburban college students, those who do vote are highly likely to back a change in a legal system that criminalizes the behavior of so many people they know.

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We ought to win big to conquer the cheating we’ve already heard about. It’s not new but what the heck is new is that i am vigilant and are learning about it now instead of two months from now. the bank exposed for the cheaters they are, just as their unfavorable campaigning has shown these individuals as liars and devoid that belongs to them ideas. Now is not some time to slow down nevertheless rather to pile the item on. It is time to leave no doubt about where the American people stand.

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