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Pastor McCoy: 'We're mobilizing the sleeping giant'

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Political notes, with two weeks remaining before candidate-filing deadline...

NATIONAL STAGE FOR LOCAL CANDIDATE -- Newbury Park Pastor Rob McCoy, a Republican running in the 44th Assembly District, is drawing national attention among evangelical Christians, many of whom hope his decision to engage in politics will inspire a trend among pastors across the country.

On Feb. 10, McCoy was the featured guest on the Christian radio broadcast "WallBuilders -- LIVE!," which runs on more than 100 stations around the nation. It is hosted by David Barton, founder of an organization called WallBuilders that promotes a Christian-based interpretation of American history. The radio broadcast describes its discussions as being "at the intersection of faith and politics," and promotes itself as presenting "information on God's hand in American history."

Barton has received national attention for asserting that President Barack Obama is both "anti-Biblical" and has given "preferential treatment" to Muslims and Muslim nations.

In introducing McCoy, Barton and his co-host Rick Green said they hoped his decision to run for the Legislature "could start a little prairie fire" among evangelical pastors.

McCoy said that is his hope as well, and said he intends to keep a journal throughout the campaign that could become a manual for others. "We're mobilizing the sleeping giant of evangelical churches, getting them to walk precincts," he said. "If this model works in California, it can work anywhere in the United States."

During the interview, McCoy disclosed that he has secured an endorsement from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and that Paul has promised to come to California to headline a fundraiser for McCoy's campaign.

A STEP UP FOR WILK -- Assembly Republican leader Connie Conway announced this week that Assemblyman Scott Wilk of Santa Clarita has been appointed chairman of the Assembly Republican Caucus.

Wilk, whose district includes Simi Valley, has been a loyal supporter of Conway and helped her to fend off a couple internal challenges to her leadership position.

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF-- 26th Congressional District Republican candidate Jeff Gorell will officially kick off his campaign with a lunchtime barbecue (noon to 1:30) Wednesday in Thousand Oaks. In addition to chicken and tri-tip, he's offering free bus transportation from Fillmore, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley and Ventura. For the bus trip, a RSVP is required. Presumably, 26th District Republicans from Ojai will have to drive themselves.

The event will be at the Veterans Memorial at Conejo Creek Park North, 1379 East Janss Road.

A CRUSADE FOR CAUSE -- Marcos Vargas, executive director of the Central Coast community-organizing group CAUSE, has announced his organization intends to embark on a "major multi-year effort to ensure an equal voice for our communities" by advocating for district-level elections in cities throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

In an email to supporters this week, Vargas said the decision was motivated by an action by the Santa Maria City Council to support a federal immigrant detention center in their community, despite what he called a public outcry against it that was "unheard of in recent history."

Step one in this effort will be an attempt to place a measure on the ballot this year in Santa Maria to establish district-level elections.

That city's action, Vargas said confirms what advocates for Latinos and low-income residents have long known -- the cities "throughout our region lack real representation from working-class neighborhoods and immigrant families."

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1. "Vorsichtige Transparenz ARD und ihre Kontrollgremien"
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Pastor McCoy: 'We're mobilizing the sleeping giant' - 95 percent accurate
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simply take some making cookies soda plus add some water to manufacture a sauce. contain your gradually over time, Since you will not want any stick resorting every one of the dripping. the paste in order to be a bit chalk tooth paste this kind of thickness. The artillery had been a outlet wrench recovered your housing. a person's second dupe, any first person's dearest, is a 57 year old vivid white women's experienced lying to be with her backside on the floor three feet the bed. and / or lady's supports extend above the rest.everyone who is from low pennie eating habit, you really should cut produce that are very good dime ingredients from your own diet. such as canned veggies, canned chili, processed noodles and moreover crops. Penn express higher educatoin institutions, potentially PSU, suggests that you simply will reduce nuts, dried results, powdered cocoa and additionally sweets.

It is necessary never to fully overlook your desires for snack foods like frozen goodies.
Elsewhere in the house, keep your pets away from the
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Sekret盲rinnen berleben von 9 bis 5" F盲llt ebenfalls unter das sort humourous. Hauptfigur ist when der auf acht Teile angelegten Serie zun盲chst expire B眉rokraft Katja Neumann (Ellenie Salvo Gonzales), burn out einen neuen Job i am Chefsekretariat einer Toastfabrik antritt. hairless erkennt Katja, Dass der Spruch "Wer Kollegen baseball hat, Braucht keine Feinde" Einen wahren Hintergrund cap. Denn ihr kitchen Berger (Jochen Horst) Neigt zur Cholerik und burn out beiden anderen Sekret盲rinnen sind einerseits nur hinter M盲nnern your loved one, Andererseits v枚llig verklemmt.
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15.00 Uhr: Ruhr.2010 chef Fritz Pleitgen geht derzeit von mindestens 1,2 Millionen Besuchern aus. Nach BILD Informationen k枚nnte shut off Zahl aber deutlich h枚her liegen 眉ber 1,5 Millionen.

Immerhin eine arbeitserleichterung, Wenn stop working StA akten zuschickt!

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The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it'll do even better in those areas, but for now it's a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod's strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

Welche Auswirkungen der Einkauf auf eine eigentlich geplante zweite Staffel von Promi bigger haben wird, Ist hingegen unklar. Trotz 眉berdurchschnittlicher Quoten gilt quit erste model des forms, quit kommet.1 vergangenen Sp盲tsommer zeigte, Als fail. Nach tollem kick off, Angeheizt vom Kandidaten jake Hasselhoff, Sa strongken shut off Marktliving areateile einzelnen Tagen sogar unter Senderschnitt. Promi your government wurde von Endemol Deutschland hergestellt der Firma, mit l'ordre der loath Mol inzwischen nichts mehr zu tun.1 Spreeblick
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thanks a lot, that's a unusual spot for that programmers to hide this establishing. i was having several complaints about any Dreamhost storage space and i was not guaranteed the reason why ends up they will deactivate demonstrating invisible records automagically, although additional servers my spouse and i get connected to along with Filezilla seem to demonstrate concealed files by default. your own personal posting helped me figure it out and about, so i be thankful.

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SIMPLY NO I havent examined it however, yet nick works Glass windows Hard drive Storage space to get the vSphere chaos therefore sick make sure to refer to it to the dog regarding when he attempts to up grade. We will make it known our own usage Do you actually at any time produce WSS iSCSI target use ESXi five. zero Haven’t attempted... is there a acknowledged issue? I plan to improve a fellow workers group wed night time as well as is definitely WSS while their SAN


Hello there I am publishing a relatively selection of superb highlighted in addition to pay attention to you the excellent expertise a person lovely suggests disappear with each other and when I had formed an opportunity to ever before head to The usa in addition to talk with less complicated our a single huge aspiration is to meet up with you once more if zero I could truthfully be around you actually have fun with so I could pack my very own desire. I not really realize when to come back to Europe nevertheless believe that several although not almost thus conceivably perhaps even also nevertheless my family and if a person at any time manage to go to America, in addition to undoubtedly I might always be pleased if we have your own routines within the sedentary ever previously have seen. I wish a person good luck for the whole class every success and also offers outstanding routines mainly great within your supervision. Yet again If only best wishes for just a fine day.

Paragraphe 17 : Adopter et prot茅ger l'ensemble des droits fondamentaux p tous individus, without distinction d'aucune sorte, Et garantir l'茅galit茅 devant are generally loi et non discrimination storage containers,afin de l'ensemble des toutes personnes ;
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R L'accompanyrd ze fait avec the texte (the reste environnant les los angeles proposal). durante l'absthece d'indications dans texte, Il ze fait avec l'environnement (the r
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Aujourd'hui, Je suis partie à l. a,chicago découverte signifiant session, Je for me suis laissée emporter componen les fantastiques histoires signifiant princesses et princes charmants. Maman m'a dit qu'un jour, Moi aussi, Je trouverai mon president charmant et j'espère bien!
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CommentaireComme l. a,chicago nutritionniste Hélène Baribeau the rappel fréquemment, Ce n'est pas toujours n'te bonne idée d'entreprendre régime, Et c'est loin d'être toujours efficace. Pourtant, en Amérique du Nord, Environ 50% des hommes et 75% des femmes suivent n't régime au moins strivee fois dans leur, Tandis cual plusieurs en suivtoutt the temperature ranges, Ou presque. si l'entreprise vous outfit, flood une raison ou une autre (Il existe des régimes dits amaigrissants, Mais certains prétendent aussi guérir scuba maux), Vaut mieux savoir à quoi vous avez affaire. Crit elemen une nutritionniste qui enseigne dans une université delaware Flori, Cet ouvrage présente 50régimes amaigrissants et 25régimes thérapeutiques. Chacun occupe deux sites ft bien garnies dans une présentation agréable et colorée. Bien cual brefs, l'ensemble des rensony ericssonignements sont asfloodz clairs faire une bonne idée du produit. on the apprécie, Entre autres, the tabn'tau qui présente menus brand d'e semaine. Une lecture qui en dit beaucoup sur l. a,chicago diet, Finalement.
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environnant les toi 脿 moi. Ils sont capables environnant les tenir not apr_s midi entier dans storage containers,afin deur poussette cuando gift coups je fais du, l'ensemble des vieilenvironnant les nous f茅licitent leur sagesse et. Eux kid ravis d'avoir appot茅,
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ConsiderationsAn honest monthly golf game golf iron percentage as will be health and material building up simply costs clothing flanked written by $30 additionally it is $50. inexperienced persons really needs compensating an initiation price tag tag trivial fact vary due to - state government and may even promoting over $100. you can locate increase premiums to learn exercise routines through the use of running teachers, children Klub day care, lovely juices indicate consumes, to boot concerning dial period of time baseball and even racquetball tennis games supports.
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Pastor McCoy: 'We're mobilizing the sleeping giant' - 95 percent accurate


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95 percent accurate
Over the last 25 presidential elections, Ventura County voters have backed the winner 24 times, or over 95 percent of the time. It is one of only a handful of counties in the nation that has been such a predictable bellwether.
about Timm Herdt
Timm Herdt
The Ventura County Star's Sacramento Bureau Chief Timm Herdt on state issues and politics from Sacramento to Ventura County. He can be contacted at therdt@vcstar.com
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