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Become the Superhero of Your Own Life: Master Change

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I looked up the word "flexibility" in the dictionary just to read how it would be defined. One definition read:

"The ability of a material to deform elastically and return to its original shape when the applied stress is removed." - Wikipedia

I chuckled when I read that. The image I saw in my mind was of the Superhero Elastagirl in the Disney/Pixar Cartoon, The Incredibles.  Her body could stretch and contort and revert back to normal with ease.  And seeing that image made me think of the fact that CHANGE requires FLEXIBILITY.


And while we humans might not be able to stretch like Elastagirl (pictured left), in today's world of new technology, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and job evaporation, in order to survive intact, a person has to definitely remain open and able to adapt -- be flexible -- when necessary.

Some of the most important things you can do when change happens:

Acknowledge the change. There may be some moments of wanting to drown your sorrows in mindless television or eating some good ole' comfort food but then recognize you have to regroup and get organized.

Think positive. Look at change as an opportunity to grow and expand.  Life after all, moves forward.  Change is one guarantee we can all count on.

Write your thoughts and goals down.  Figure out next steps.  Plan and brainstorm with friends and associates. This is the time when nurturing relationships come in very handy.  If you've built a strong network of friends and business associates, you'll be able to talk to individuals about how they dealt with various changes in their own lives and what advice they might be able to give you.

Get the support you need. 

Be kind to yourself.  Plan some activities and events that you love that will cheer you up.  Be extra conscious of doing this while you cope with change.  Doing what you love with the people you enjoy will keep your spirits on an even keel.

I remember, years ago, I was producing and writing for a TV show. When the show got cancelled, I found myself out of work.  I was terrified.  However, a wise friend told me to relax and have fun while I mounted a new job search.  Getting stressed about it wouldn't do me any good.

So I heeded that advice.  I took a few days off for a well-deserved rest in a relaxing location.  I followed that up with spending my days networking and sending out resumes.  And I also took time to go to the gym, watch movies that I never had time to watch and read some wonderful books.  I kept busy with friends and family and eventually found an amazing job.

During times of critical change, make sure you eat right.  Exercise and get enough rest. Meditation can also work wonders. Surround yourself with positivity.

When you feel better and have the right energy, attitude and motivation it requires to remain FLEXIBLE to maneuver around life's twists and changes, YOU BECOME the SUPERHERO of YOUR OWN LIFE!


Enjoy Simply Delicious Living, Today and Everyday!



The Way of Transition:  Embracing Life's Most Difficult Moments by William Bridges

The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Intuition: Follow Your Truth

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Intuition2.jpgHave you ever had a gut feeling about something - positive or negative - that gives you an extra insight into a particular situation?

Maybe it's something related to work.  A feeling that there might be a problem that will come up if you follow (or don't follow) a specific course of action?

Perhaps you've just got off the phone with a friend or family member and they sound okay and say everything's alright, but you "just know" that's not the case.  Or maybe you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach?

Was there a time where you said to yourself, "I knew I should have done that, or "I should have done that." 

When you heard the phone ring, did you know who was going to be on the line before you answered?  Or  just knew what route to drive in a strange setting?

These insights, or immediate cognitions that give us the ability to acquire information without the use of direct knowledge or without rational thought or reason, is INTUITION.  Intuition are beliefs we have about things, people and situations that may not even be justified, accept to ourselves and our gut.

While everyone has intuition, some people are more conscious of these feelings and how to respond to them,  or better yet, how to interpret the information they receive or feel into positive action.

In the time of the cave man, often humans had to live by their intuition - in order to stay alive, find food and avert danger.

Getting in touch with this part of your consciousness can also help today.  In business, in your personal life and in dealing with decisions as they come up.   It's important to use all the information that's available to us - from study and research, history, logic and reasoning... and intuition.

How do you get in touch with your intuition processing powers? 

1. Well, how do you feel? What's the energy in the room? Are you feeling relaxed, breathing normally?  Feeling well or is your gut tight?  Does your skin crawl?  Do you feel drained or get a feeling of foreboding that something negative is about to happen?

When you've weighed the obvious, consider your gut feelings.  Listen to that "gut" reaction in your stomach.

2. If it's something you want to know, ask yourself questions and listen to the first answer that pops into your head.  Try to quiet all the other chatter that fights this dominant thought or feeling.

3. Get  some meditation tapes and books. Learn how to meditate to clear your mind. Meditation allows you to clearly and succinctly identify your thoughts and feelings and it also has a myriad of health benefits.

4.  Get Creative. It's  been documented that exercising your right brain by getting in touch with creativity (such as painting, dance and other creative outlets) can help you lead a pathway to your intuition.

5.  Journal your thoughts.  It might not be a bad idea to write down your intuitions and then see what transpires.  Becoming aware can help you build your confidence and your ability to connect with your gut.

For some great books that enhance intuition, consider:

Practical Intuition, Laura Day

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy

Developing Intuition:  Practical Guidance for Daily Life by Shakti Gawain

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and The Book of Secrets:  Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life both by Deepak Chopra


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Enjoy Simply Delicious Living, Today and Every Day!

Top Tips for Busting The Blues

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If you're like most people, there are going to be days you just might not feel like getting out of bed or at least, out of your PJs.  Perhaps you've broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Maybe you've had a fight with a family member or co-worker?

Could it be that your going thru stress over a job change or a move?  Maybe you've just got a bad case of the blahs?

What are some great ways to Bust the Blues and get on the road to happy again?

1.  Get enough rest - at least 8 hours. Sleep is essential for a person's health, rejuvenation and well-being.

2.  Exercise - Exercise triggers those wonderful endorphins that make you feel better.  Get moving  by taking a brisk walk or go to the gym for a workout.  Not only will you immediately have more energy, you'll find that life will appear brighter.  Regular exercise will also have you looking your best - which in turn will also contribute to your self-esteem --  and make you feel better!

3.  Eat right - Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Lean meats and fish.  Eating well will make you have more energy and stamina.  And some really good news - Eat Chocolate!  It's  been documented that eating a bit of dark chocolate (70% or higher) every day can unleash antioxidants that are good for your heart and cardiovascular system (by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol).

4.  Evaluate what you think.  If you hear negative tapes in your head.  Erase them.   Listen to positive people, write down affirmations  CUT OUT beliefs and behaviors that don't work for you and only keep you depressed.  A session or two of Hynotherapy, which will go right to your subconscious mind, can also work wonders to get you on the right track!

5.  Write down your problems and concerns.  Make a list of any problems in the personal and/or professional areas of your life.  Talk to a counselor or trusted friend about brainstorming solutions.  If you don't address what's ailing you, it will only eat away at you.

6.  Create a fun social life.   Share interests and activities. Make plans with friends, family and associates.  Look at the calendar to ascertain what days you will have free for fun activities and PLAN.  Search out events in your local area online.  You may also want a change of scenery by taking a weekend excursion to a nearby town to explore.

7.  Get passionate about a hobby you enjoy - Working at something you love builds self-esteem, satisfaction and makes you feel good because you're expressing yourself!

8.  Watch a COMEDY.  LAUGH!  There's a reason why it's been known to be the best medicine!

9.  LISTEN to your favorite music.  Music is also known to have tremendous healing and stress-reducing powers.

10.  Get thee to a local day spa.  Enjoy a yoga class.  Take a dip in the hot tub. Get a new hair cut or blow dry.  Better yet, treat yourself to a professional body massage to relieve stress and for overall healing. A healing touch can work wonders.  Why?  Massage therapy helps move lymph fluid around the body and oxygenate organs and tissues.  And  of course, there's nothing quite like, or as healing,  as the human touch. Amen!

11.  Pay It Forward. Do something nice for someone else.  Giving joy only increases joy.

If you are going through a major life change or upheaval, it would be wise to seek out professional advice from your doctor or making an appointment with a therapist.

There is so much beauty to enjoy in life.  Don't stay in a negative state for too long.

Live it to the fullest and enjoy Simply Delicious Living everyday! 

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Express Yourself with Arts & Crafts!

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Getting creative with arts and crafts

is a wonderful way to express yourself. 

Not only is it fulfilling,

it can give you a wonderful sense

of accomplishment, boost

self-esteem and

unleash a more playful

side of you.


Spring and the Easter and

Passover holidays are a great

time to share and give thanks with

those you love.  Create a memorable

homemade gift with love to bring to

your holiday celebration or to use

as a unique table centerpiece.


One fantastic way to create that special gift or centerpiece is to

get creative painting terracotta pots.



Purchase a terracotta pot at your favorite

gardening or thrift shop.


Select a size of your choosing and

then gather your favorite spring colors.

Perhaps a vibrant pink, sunny yellow,

lime green, sky blue and orange sorbet.


Then pull out a painting brush and get creative!


Create spontaneously or you might want to draw a design

on paper first. 


Choose a base color for your terracotta pot.  Paint it. Then take

a pencil and draw your design onto the painted pot. Later, fill in

the design with paint colors of your choice.


Once the paint has dried, you can fill the pot with such items as:



A pretty plant

Hershey's kisses

Jelly beans and other easter candies

Cookies or muffins wrapped decoratively


I still have a terracotta pot that I was given years ago as a gift (with chocolate chip cookies inside), that I use in my office to hold telephone books and other sundry items.



Getting creative with painting terracotta pots doesn't just

have to be reserved for spring either. Make painted gifts

and centerpieces with terracotta pots any time of year or for any holiday.


It's a great activity to do alone - or with your family

or friends.


Spread some smiles & have a simply delicious

Easter and Passover!


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